Most of us have a box of old Halloween decorations, kept careful up in the attic or down in the basement. We don’t feel like throwing them away, nor do we know how to use them in the next festive season. In this article we will tell you how to turn all kinds of old as well as new decorations to make the perfect Halloween decoration at your home and outdoor. Here are some of the old Halloween stuff that you can use in a creative way this season:

The Halloween tea light holders: You can use the tea-light holders outside your home, to build a jack-o-lantern light or a haunted graveyard show. Alternatively, you can buy a bag of tea-light and use them for bright Halloween decorations at night. Candle holders can be used indoors for decoration. Some interesting ideas would be to scatter them in your Halloween village to make it look brightly lit up. You can also put them at the staircase with sugar pumpkins.

Halloween figurines and knick-knacks: You can use these old Halloween decoration stuff to lighten up your village collection, or use them for creating a village. The knick-knacks can also be used wonderfully if you are throwing a Halloween party. You can put them neatly by napkin, or place card of guests. You can also bring in the figurines to your office if you wish to create a Halloween atmosphere at your workplace.

Old Costumes for Halloween: If you have an old collection of Halloween costumes that don’t fit anymore but still look good, then you can use them to put on the dummies. Get your dummies to wear the costumes and place them at front porch to guard your candy bowl. You can also place them at your trick or treat station.

If your old box contains some window decorations and paper treat bags then you can use them to create your own Halloween invitations and cards.